As a manufacturer, CATHELAIN S.A. ensures optimum quality control.

CATHELAIN S.A.S. stands out from most of the current suppliers of assembly components. We guarantee the origins of the substances used and we supply certificates from the steel works and all other intermediaries to all customers. We ensure 100% traceability for our parts, from the raw material to the different manufacturing processes. CATHELAIN S.A.S. is the unique supplier of fasteners who can insure a full quality control of all its products to customers. We do not produce self home made certificates on raw materials origins.

The leading outsourcers trust us today.


Shut Down

  • Manufacturing and delivery within 24 hours
  • Effective technical and commercial organisation
  • Extensive availability of materials
  • Just-in-time production process

CATHELAIN S.A.S. combines the technical advantages of a manufacturer with the reactivity required for the urgent replacement of your components.

Contact us for your urgent needs and then relax while we immediately handle your demand.

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CATHELAIN S.A.S. has extensive manufacturing experience, understands all of the involved processes and complies with the standards of the leading order providers.

A fully fledged expert: CATHELAIN S.A.S. provides the advice you rightly expect on techniques and quality.

CATHELAIN S.A.S. opts for made-to-measure services and customised solutions to make sure your requirements are met.



Our logistics service handles all your particular services.

  • Repairs
  • Made-to-measure packaging
  • All destinations and means of transport: Road, rail, air, etc.
  • Bar code tracking of your order

Logistique cathelain


We manufacture your orders ourselves, making sure you benefit from :

  • The guarantee of a direct service
  • Unrivalled reactivity
  • Competitive prices



Wind turbines, hydraulics, bio fuels, etc. CATHELAIN S.A.S. believes in sustainable development.

Optimisation of the use of raw materials, reprocessing of waste, recycled paper packaging, etc. CATHELAIN S.A.S. also manufactures products based on a pro-environment charter.




CATHELAIN S.A.S. ensures that its personnel contributes to company management to ensure internal ethics. All team members are keen on reaching shared objectives. Our teams benefit directly from company profits thanks to our employee share schemes, meaning our Work council and Health, Safety and Working conditions committee fight to improve company figures.


CATHELAIN S.A.S. only works with suppliers in Europe and refuses procurement in any countries where labour law and children’s rights are not respected.


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