Energies Processing

CATHELAIN S.A.S., your round-the-clock partner. Our team strives to ensure the efficiency of your demands taking into account any special requirements related to your field of business. Choose CATHELAIN S.A.S., the specialist in small and medium series with short lead times, ensuring you will count on a priority partnership guaranteeing fast reactions, technical solutions and customised products.

Our expertise

CATHELAIN S.A.S. provides products for

  • Energy Collecting Areas (oil wells, gas wells, offshore platforms, mineral mines, etc.)
  • Energy Transformation Processes, with significant safety and technical requirements (pipelines, oil tankers, gas terminal, etc.)
  • Any Transformation and Storage Sites

Our reactivity reduces the period during which your processes are shut down. CATHELAIN S.A.S. is the contact you can rely on for your urgent orders.



  • Studbolts
  • Threaded Bars
  • Tie Rods
  • Nuts

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  • Electro Zinc Plating
  • Lamellar Zinc Plating
  • Hot Dipped Galvanising
  • Fluoropolymer

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  • Iso
  • UN /UNC
  • ACME
  • Gas

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  • Tempering
  • Quenching (oil, water)
  • Over hardening
  • Aging

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