CATHELAIN S.A.S. was founded in Flanders, in the north of France in 1904, and built up experience through the generations in the manufacture of precision threaded components such as Studbolts.

CATHELAIN S.A.S. has successfully adapted its products in line with advanced technological developments in the energy sector including Mining, Oil, Hydraulics, Chemistry, Gas, Nuclear and more recently Geothermal and Aerospace industries.

CATHELAIN S.A.S. currently employs more than 75 people from the local community and prides itself on maintaining an environmentally friendly workplace and work practices.


A human dimension, a management

CATHELAIN S.A.S. recognises the success of a company is largely dependent on a workforce that is both motivated and appreciated. CATHELAIN S.A.S. operates an equal opportunities policy and invests in personnel to ensure that the highest possible standards are achieved.

The average age is 37, making CATHELAIN S.A.S. one of the youngest companies in Europe in its sector, while benefiting from more than a century of experience.

International and national customers

CATHELAIN S.A.S., produces small and medium series, and currently benefits from a growing reputation and The trust of Major customers worldwide.


Our strength, our partners

CATHELAIN S.A.S. works in partnership with internationally renowned professionals in the sector.

This commercial, technical and shareholders cooperation is unique in the sector. We can ensure 100% satisfaction thanks to the shared expertises of our network of partners.

CATHELAIN S.A.S. is the exclusive agent for Jungeboldt in France, proof of this deep cooperation.

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